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Not everything need we done by meetings...!!

It happened to me...!!!
Not long after starting my first role in job, I began to spend a considerable amount of time in meetings. Although necessary because of my management role, I found that the frequent interruptions affect the quality of my work. 

In many cases, I really didn't need to be there and my input could have been communicated without my physical presence. We can do a meeting by social media such as video call meeting or Skype without face to face interaction.

We need to make better choices concerning the quantity, and quality, of time spent in meetings.

Here are a few strategies to keep in mind:
  1. Make notes or record your conversations : A general meeting may walk about 1 hour or even up to 3 hours. As time passed certainly a lot of things that you are talking about and you may not be able to remember all of it until 1-2 weeks into the future, or maybe the next day you can just forget some of the issues discussed at the meeting. Therefore take note of any important points in your conversation or if you find it too troublesome to record your conversation. 
  2. Tools : At this time a lot of applications and tools-tools that can help you create an effective meeting. Especially if you are a very busy person with a solid meeting every day. One is Evernote that can make you find topics quickly than look for one-on-one.
  3. Quantity and Quality : Have you ever heard of someone doing meetings for hours and constantly? Yes, it is very often the case. Know that according to the survey, the meeting is one thing to spend time working. This can occur due to poor quality meetings. Back again to the Agenda or notes on the first point, with an agenda then you will have a higher quality meeting and did not spend a lot of time.
Some people think the meeting is a very easy thing, it may not be wrong, but to create an effective and successful meetings is a challenge.
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