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Flora Cheung The Nude Chef

Hong Kong model Flora Cheung Ching-sze is set to cook up a storm later this month in Hong Kong when she hosts an adult channel cooking show in which she prepares food fully naked while wearing a “tailor-made, fully transparent apron especially made for the program.” That’s right: a naked cooking show is coming to Hong Kong. 

The risqué show aims to get more men cooking, which is apparently the goal of the show. Hong Kong is already home to naked news readers and producer Jesse Au says “The guys really liked naked news…So I thought maybe they will go for nude cooking.”

Although the twice-monthly show will be recorded in Cantonese I bet that even viewers who do not speak Cantonese would have no difficulty following Cheung. Her presence on the adult channels of Now TV, Hong Kong Broadband Network and TVB (SEHK: 0511) Pay Vision at least promises more eye candy for them.

Cheung will start each 30-minute show shopping for fresh ingredients in the city’s famous wet markets, undressing once she is back in the privacy of her studio kitchen. 

“I have always liked cooking and I thought I should share the enjoyment with more people,” the 26-year-old said. She admitted that she has had no professional culinary training

“Most men don’t like to cook, but I want to get them interested… From shopping to cooking — it’s the whole shebang,” Cheung added.

The host promised that her tailor-made, transparent apron won’t leave much to the imagination.

“It covers pretty much everything but hides nothing,” she was quoted as saying.

The cooking show is the brainchild of Jesse Au King-wai, who brought naked newsreading to Hong Kong in 2004 when Fire/Ice News featured Chan Long, 18, reading news summaries while slowly undressing until she was naked.

Naked news reader Chan Long
Producer Jesse Au told the paper that the show may spawn similar offerings with nude hosts cooking up a range of Asian cuisines: “This could be an endless series if it proves popular.”

“The guys really liked naked news,” said Au, who heads the production company Lemonation that produces programming for the adult Ice/Fire channel on Now and Hong Kong Broadband.

“So I thought maybe they will go for nude cooking.”

In the first programme, which is scheduled to air later this month, she will prepare two of her favourite dishes – fried vermicelli with shredded beef and assorted vegetables, and ox tongue in a red-wine sauce.

Depending on the response in Hong Kong, Au wants to try Korean cuisine next.

“There are many ethnic cuisines around the world,” he said. “This could be an endless series if it proves popular.”

Actress Flora also has her own fashion line ‘Tian Art’. She is fluent in speaking Chinese, English as well as Portuguese languages and is also trained as a ballerina.

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