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Set Up For A Productive Day

Starting my day early is without say nothing of the keys to my success. It looks very simple but that's kind of my routine day. 

I get up every morning between 5:00-5:30 AM, starting out with a full glass of water and a bit breakfast just to fill up my energy. Prepare some stuffs and I am ready for the day, get back to work...!!!

Yeah I am normal! After in the office...make a cup of black coffee, I then check my email to see if there are any pressing needs. I then check Twitter, fb, and LinkedIn, answer any questions and thank those that have engaged or followed me at work over day.

Listed below are a few tips that is very beneficial for me:

Build in quiet time for myself, even if it’s only a few minutes.
Go to bed early, same time nightly, because my wife does not beside me... hehehe. She is in Bali and I am in Madura (LDR).
Plan early; write down your to-do list.

You may have a different list from I have. and that is great, as long as you have a list. I am pretty sure you will get so much more things completed if you have a schedule.

People often fail because they have no plan. I help my self everyday formulate a written plan and establish my goals.

Do you have any goals? Do you have a plan?

Simple. This is it...!!! Just write down your to-do list.

Have a good day,


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