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A Leader Must Focus and Believe in Positive Possibilities

Leaders come from all walks of life, ages, cultures and backgrounds. Everyone has the capacity to lead. Will they chose to lead is a topic for another time. Some leaders have natural capabilities and further develop their skills, while others are thrust into roles or situations that bring out leadership elements they never thought they had or could possibly execute. Successful leadership hinges on many factors from heightened self-awareness, developed emotional intelligence, high anabolic energy, constant reflection and improvement, leading by example, authenticity, trust, strong belief systems tied to their values and purposes, confidence to name a few.

Let’s look at beliefs. Beliefs shape one’s thoughts and emotions, which then lead to action. From those actions come results. A leaders success is empowered by their beliefs because it produces positive results for their life’s purpose. Tony Robbins, the author and motivational speaker says, “if your beliefs don’t support your outcome, you have to throw them and start something new.”   What’s going on here?

Successful leaders share a sense of optimism toward their purpose. They believe in the power of possibilities even when things seem too daunting or challenging. Why, because they always focus on the positive and believe that successful outcomes will come from their efforts. Negative energy, being a victim, “I win, you lose” is not in their vocabulary. In getting my coaching certificate, we studied a lot about energy leadership and Napoleon Hill, who said, “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed on an equal or greater benefit.”

In anything in life, as well as in leading and leading well, it takes a lot of courage and optimism to learn from mistakes and overcome challenges. When you believe in the possibilities you then put yourself in position to achieve them. Successful leaders know how to block out the negative talk and focus on the possibilities for successful outcomes for themselves and well as for others. Successful leaders understand the positive power of people and know that it is all about the collective power of “we” versus “I.”

Successful leaders work at being successful. They take risks every day. It takes courage to take action without knowing the outcome. Courage is focused on possibilities and faith in others.
Thank you for taking the time to read this. How would you begin to break through and better understand the behaviors and actions you need to become a better leader? As a Leader what are your beliefs? What do you focus on? What outcomes do you want to achieve?
Source: Brad Parcells, CPC, ELI~MP

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