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Awaken Your Passion for Work and Life
Finding your passion isn't as complicated. When you really like doing something and you feel good about it, that's passion. You're investing your energy in the right thing. If you like and enjoy taking photos of nature, even if's not part of your job, that's a passion of yours. You may have more than one passion. One of my passions is writing. I just love it.

"Finding your passion" has been portrayed as a long journey of discovery. While there's some true to it, you don't have to wait years to know what your passion is. You may not like your job, that's okay. A lot of people don't. Your job doesn't necessarily have to be your passion. Though, you can find passion in your job by helping out customers and seeing a smile in their faces.

Creativity goes hand in hand with passion. Doing something that you love, even if it requires a tremendous amount of strategic thinking and analysis, energizes you. Doing something that you don't love depletes your energy, even if it's an easy task like formatting a report. You don't need to find passion because is already within you; you need to awaken it.

Passion doesn't imply that you love everything that you do in life. If it were so, the world would be upside down, and everybody will be singing and jumping up and down. Your passion may also be misplaced. You may think that climbing the corporate ladder is your passion to only find out that when you get to the top, it's not what you expected it to be -  you don't like it and don't enjoy it. 

However, through the journey of climbing the corporate ladder, you found out what you don't like. That's a good start to find out what you do like. Once you do, start working on those things. They don't have to be big and glamorous things. If you like taking pictures as a hobby - and you're really good at it - you may find that your hobby can add value to your job and vice versa.

If you work as a marketing manager and use images for campaigns and promotions, you can build a door of opportunity there. Instead of outsourcing images, you can talk to your boss about the possibility of working out a deal where your images (photos) are used instead. You may not like all aspects of your job, though you can add new aspects to your job-- aspects that you like. 

See the bright side of things. It's not always as bad as you think. Tapping into your passion can help you be successful; once you identify one or two things that you just love and could do for the rest of your life, you have totally awaken your passion. It's a process, you have to try things, stick to them for a while, reflect on what you enjoy the most and what isn't boring or tiring to you. 

Passion energizes you. It drives you to do things that fulfill you and give meaning to your life. If you're not happy with where you are now, take courage. Situations in life are temporary, you won't be there all the time. Tap into the power of your passion. Start from within and bring out the very best in you. The time is now, not tomorrow, or until you get your MBA or your next promotion

Look no further, your passion is there inside of you. What would you do if money were not issue? You may find key answers in your response. Passion isn't about titles or money. Although, your passion can bring these things to your life. The point is not to get distracted. Focus on what matters most to you, there rest will follow if you put your heart into it.

What is your passion?

Source: Ivette K. Caballero-Entrepreneurial & Strategic Marketing Communications Professional

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