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What's Need To Be Done...???

God is most fair. Each person is given an account, and every morning wake up accounts owned by each person will be given the same value or balance. Without exception everyone will receive the balance of 86.400. Throughout the day, we can swap it with any balance and we have complete freedom to it. So what is the balance we rate? It's up to us. And at night when we sleep the balance will automatically vanish, disappear. The next morning when we woke up, the balance will be charged back, we exchange again and disappeared again.

Balance is the time in seconds, everyone has the same time right? When can we exchange with doing nothing. And we have complete freedom to decide what to do to spend time. And the result of what we do, whether big or small, beneficial or not, mean or not mean, depending on the choices we make. The more quality choices we make, the more effective our actions, the greater and meaningful results from our actions. I am reminded of this story through a book I have ever read when I was learning how to be more effective. Two or three years ago I never thought to become more effective, because the responsibility for the quality and quantity is not so much. All jobs, large or small can be done because nearly all have enough time to do it.

If the job has suddenly become a little more, I just need to take it home, work at home and finish. But now, the story becomes a little different. Personal resources possessed no longer sufficient to carry out the duties and responsibilities. And this becomes a new challenge, of course, responsibility can not be used as an excuse. This challenge must be sought a way out, one alternative is to become more effective. Being more effective is probably not the best way, but until now has not thought about other things better.

Become more effective was not an easy issue, because effectiveness is a result of options to choose from so the work that we probably do not own everything. Options include which one will do, what is not. Where we do the work themselves, which need help from others. Previously known about determining the priority of work to be done is based on the consideration of "which of the many jobs that benefit the most?" And then start doing jobs that bring the most benefit.

In the book Peter F. Drucker entitled "The Effective Executive". The interesting thing is the following statement: "Intelligence is very different from the effective". Sure enough, almost no relevance between the smart effectively. Intelligent person may not be effective, the effective vice versa is not necessarily an intelligent or smart. And this is very good news for me, because I was not quite intelligent people. So the opportunity to become more effectively opened wide.

Hopefully useful ...........
source: M&I

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Thanks for sharing ..
Good Luck :D

@Deny Arya Wiranata
you are welcome mas bro :10

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nyengirnya kurang mas bro :30


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: 26 : 27 blognya kok gak bisa dibuka ya Mas bro

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I hope my account not -ve at this moment...

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people can be more effective if they know how to overcoming challenges in their life whether in our jobs or daily routine.we should keep trying do our best.like one chinese proverb said be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.

:10 something missing?

@fadh leyanie
:10 thanks Fadh, you shot me with a good comment here, exactly right my dear just do our best and God will do the rest........uhuiiii :12

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